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All LSC members are expected to honor volunteer needs and responsibilities required by LSC.  If you're unable or unwilling to fulfill LSC volunteer duties you may opt out of the LSC volunteer program by selecting the “BUY OUT” option below.  Members selecting the Buy Out option will be required to pay a $200.00 Buy Out fee to permit LSC members the option to hire employees to perform their volunteer duties throughout the season as needed.  No refunds will be permitted for any portion of the Buy Out payment.  Partial payment of the Buy Out will NOT be accepted.  Membership will NOT be granted until full payment has been received and requesting parties will be required to follow non-member guidelines established by LSC until full payment is received.  Members selecting the Buy Out option will NOT be eligible for daily or year-end awards.

Members selecting the volunteer option, but, do not perform the volunteer duties set forth by LSC Board members are subject to temporary suspension until voted on by LSC Board members.  Any points acquired during the suspension period will not counted toward daily or year-end awards.

Membership dues are $60.00 per year per family or $40.00 if you are a individual, adult rider (18+ yrs). A $5.00 application fee must accompany this completed form with a new membership.  New member applications are voted on at the monthly Board or special designated meetings.  Once approved by LSC leadership, each person listed above is expected to abide by the rules and by-laws set forth by this club. All approved memberships will be published in official meeting minutes of the next scheduled Board meeting.