Lewisville Saddle Club
We are not just horsing around.
Our Policy on Member Participation During Playdays PDF Print E-mail

All events will be run under the guidelines of the American Association of Sheriff Posses and Riding Clubs with the exception of the horse ownership rule.

To allow for the playday to run timely, please be up at the arena and ready at your specific class time to ride

To be eligible for year end awards: 

#1        Each rider (Junior age group and up) must work ½ of an event at each playday for points at the playday to count for the day.  Leadline, Super Pee Wee and Pee Wee riders must have a parent or guardian work for them at each playday.

#2        Each rider (Intermediate age group and up) must work at one work day during the year and a minimum of two nights of the Annual Labor Day Rodeo.  Leadline, Super Pee Wee, Pee Wee and Junior  riders must have a parent or guardian work one workday and a minimum two nights of the rodeo. 

Classic age riders (58 years +) are not required to work an event or at the playday, but rather act as ambassadors for our club. 

 At the exit of the arena after each run, your horse must be under control and exiting at a walk for the safety of our other riders and spectators.

Classes – Age Groups

(Ages are as of January 1)

*This is also our running order for the age groups

 Leadline                                8 years & under (Assisted)

 Classic Women                    58 + years

 Classic Men                          58 + years

 Super Senior Women         45 – 57 years

 Super Senior Men               45  - 57 years

 Super Pee Wee Girls          6 years & under

 Super Pee Wee Boys          6 years & under

 Pee Wee Girls                      7 – 10 years

 Pee Wee Boys                      7 – 10 years

 Junior Girls                           11 – 14 years

 Junior Boys                           11 – 14 years

 Intermediate Women           15 – 25 years

 Intermediate Men                 15 – 25 years

 Senior Women                     26 – 44 years

 Senior Men                           26 – 44 years


** Exhibitions are not based on age, but are ran immediately following the last rider in Senior Men