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Lewisville Saddle Club Playday and Game Rules

Lewisville Saddle Club “(LSC”) is a member of the American Association of Sheriff Posses and Riding Clubs (“AASPRC”). LSC follows the Playday rules established by the AASRPC as amended annually by the AASPRC. A copy of the 2017 AASRPC Rules can be found here: http://www.aasprc.net/documents/2016_AASPRC_RULEBOOK.pdf.

Section 1. General Playday Rules

  1. Calendar: LSC will publish all Playday dates in January of each year. Allowances will be made for bad weather. If make-up dates are required for a Playday or individual Games (when only a portion of a Playday was completed), rescheduled Playday dates will be scheduled and posted as soon as practical on the LSC website. The LSC Calendar of Playday and other events will follow the posted Calendar as publish on the LSC website.

  2. Fees: All fees collected in connection with a LSC Playday go back to LSC. 2017 Playday Games fees are: $5 per Game for Members; $10 per Game for Non-Members; $30 per Rider for the Lease Program. In addition, there will be a $5 administration fee per Rider and a $5 credit card transaction fee if Playday Game fees are paid by credit card. A $45 return check fee will be charged for each return check.

  3. Medication: No person shall cause to be administered internally or externally to a horse, either before or during an approved Games, any medication or drug which is of such character as could affect its performance. Upon discovery of the administration of such drug or medication, the horse and rider shall be immediately disqualified from further participation. Future participation shall be determined according to the LSC Trial process as set forth in the LSC Bylaws.

  4. Artificial Equipment: Horse or rider shall have no unnatural or artificial equipment (i.e. hot shots or buzzers) or any items not normally used in western riding (excluding protective gear such as helmets). Upon discovery of any artificial equipment, horse and rider shall be immediately disqualified from further participation at that Games.

  5. Penal Code Violation: Any act violating the Texas Penal code will be cause for immediate disqualification.

  6. Recommended Equipment: Western tack is recommended. Barrel race saddles built on a western stock saddle type are recommended. Protective Head Gear, such as Helmets, are permitted.

  7. Unmanageable horse: Any member of the LSC Board of Directors may disqualify an unmanageable horse for reason of safety.

  8. Age Divisions: Age divisions are determined based on the individual’s age as of January 1st.

58 and over Classic Seniors

45 thru 57 Super Seniors

26 thru 44 Senior

15 thru 25 Intermediate

11 thru 14 Junior

7 thru 10 Pee Wee

0 thru 6 Super Pee Wee

Each division is divided by sex. NOTE: The above age groups may be combined as determined by the LSC Board of Directors when there are three or fewer riders in a Class. The Announcer will announce all Class combinations at the start of each Playday.

  1. Games Descriptions: LSC will follow the AASPRC’s outline for Games each season to honor Games planned at the AASPRC Playday finals each year. Please see the AASPRC Rules for details.

Go to http://aasprc.net/publications.html---->Publication/Rules (To see complete rule book), or,

Go to http://Lewisvillesaddleclub.com---Our Games

Section 2. Playday Games

  1. General Overview: The purpose of this section is to acquaint Playday participants with the Games that have been approved to be run at the AASPRC Playday Finals and the rules governing them. Playday activities are a family affair. In many cases the entire family participates in the competition along with doing the manual labor in the registration booth, concession stand, the announcer’s vantage point where the records are kept. This tends to prove that there are many aspects by which the entire family may contribute in many ways to the AASPRC motto of "Horsemanship, Sportsmanship and Citizenship".

  2. District Membership: LSC is an AASPRC member clubs. AASPRC member clubs compete at the district level to qualify its contestants to go to the AASPRC Playday Finals. These individuals from each club who qualify to represent their district at the Playday Finals compete for individual and district recognition.

  3. Record Keeping: Records are of great importance. Playday records are kept by the LSC Secretary using a system which accumulates individual points. This enables all members to compare times with each other regardless of location of the competition or arena size. Each Game has its own formula of adjusting the dimensions according to the size of the arena.

  4. New Games: The Games to be run at the Playday Finals will be on a rotating basis starting year 2010 Playday season with the exception of poles and barrels. Delegates at the AASPRC convention can adjust or amend all Playday Games. Beginning in 2010, the following rotation will be in effect. The Games are listed with a number. After year one (1) each game at the top of the list will simply drop to the bottom and the rest will move up one spot in the rotation. Each year, we will run the Games indicated in red PLUS Poles and Barrels. Clover leaf barrels and poles are not part of the rotation as decided at a previous convention. Only the first six (6) on the list are used each year.

Year 1 (2010) Year 2 (2011) Year 3 (2012)

1. Spur 2. Bowtie 3. Flags

2. Bowtie 3. Flags 4. Pylon

3. Flags 4. Pylon 5. Straights

4. Pylon 5. Straights 6. Flying W

5. Straight barrels 6. Flying W 7. Hitch & Go

6. Flying W 7. Hitch & Go 8. Larryette

7. Hitch & Go 8. Larryette 9. Baseball

8. Larryette 9. Baseball 1. Spur

9. Baseball 1. Spur 2. Bowtie

Year 4 (2013): 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 1, 2, 3

Year 5 (2014): 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 1, 2, 3, 4

Year 6 (2015): 6, 7, 8, 9, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Year 7 (2016): 7, 8, 9, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Year 8 (2017): 8, 9, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Year 9 (2018): 9, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Year 10(2019): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

In 2011, Spur will go out and Hitch N Go will come in. Spur will move to the bottom of the above list after Baseball. This rotation will continue until amended by the delegates at the AASPRC Convention.

  1. Arena Specifications: Games rules and requirements may be adjusted to accommodate sub-standard arenas. Starting lines will be unmarked.

  2. Participant Assistance: Any person assisting a Playday rider into the arena shall be on foot. No physical assistance shall be given past the starting line in any class. Only one assistant per rider may be in the arena during that participant’s ride. Any rider in the Lead Line Class, or, with mental or physical disabilities and/or special needs may be allowed as many assistants as needed past the starting line.

  3. Arena Drags: There will be an arena drag at least every ten riders or as needed based on arena conditions.

  4. Games Equipment: Games equipment shall be provided by LSC.


Section 3. Playday Event Rules

  1. Age Divisions: Participants shall be divided into 14 Classes (7 men and 7 women classes) as set forth in Section 1.H.

  2. Calls to Ride: Participants are required to be present at the time of call for any Games. Three calls will be made; if the participant is not ready to ride on the third call, he/she will be disqualified. Any rider Dis-qualified as a result of not being present when called will not be permitted to run during any class of the current game.

  3. Re-Rides: If the timer malfunctions, that rider may either ride immediately or drop to the end of the list to re-ride.

  4. Point System: A point system will be used to determine individual winners as follows:

1st Place 6 Points

2nd Place 5 Points

3rd Place 4 Points

4th Place 3 Points

5th Place 2 Points

6th Place 1 Points


  1. One Horse Rule: A horse may not be ridden but one time in each class or Game with the exception of a horse used by immediate family members (husband, wife, children, grandchildren, grandparents). Family members must be on the same membership.

  2. Single Games Tie: If after two unsuccessful efforts, this has not been accomplished, flip of the coin may be used. Each participant must use the same horse as in the original contest, unless the horse is unable to be ridden, then the horse rule applies. If a rider’s horse is injured and they do not have a second horse, then coin toss will decide the winner.

  3. Start/Stop Times: Time starts and stops when the horse's nose crosses the timer line.

  4. Penalties: Please refer to specific Games rules published by the AASPRC.

Section 4. Playday Officials

  1. Announcer: At least one. Announces any combination of Classes (see Section 1.H.). Calls participants in the order in which they will run. Announces all judges’ decisions. Announces placings after each Class finishes each Games.

  2. Time Keeper: At least two. One primary and one backup timekeeper. Ensure timer is clear before each participant runs. Never clear the timer until both timekeepers have agreed on the reading.

  3. Record Keeper: At least one. The LSC Secretary Maintains Playday entry forms, records total time including penalties, no-times (NT) and no-shows (NS), prepares winner ribbons, provide all data to LSC Secretary upon completion of each Playday.

  4. Entry Booth Personnel: At least two. Collect entry forms and entry fees. Prepare entry forms into classes and present Participant running order to Announcer.

  5. Line Up Judge: At least one. Open gate for each Participant. Close gate after each run.

  6. Arena Judges: At least two (one on each side of arena). Duties depend on specific Games. Arena Judges must be Intermediate or above. Arena Judges must be aware of all Game rules, dis-qualifications, and guidelines.


Section 5. End of Year Playday Awards

  1. Number of Awards: The top six highest point earners in each Class will earn an end-of-year award from LSC.

  2. Combined Class Awards: Where Classes have been combined at 50% or more of the season’s Playdays, awards will be given to the combined Classes as if it were one Class.

  3. Awards:

Provided that there were four or more participants in at least 75% of the season’s Playdays: (1) The highest point winner will be awarded a saddle. (2) The second highest point winner will be awarded a buckle. (3) The third, fourth, fifth and sixth highest point winner will be awarded gifts selected by LSC Awards committee.

Provided that there are three or fewer participants in at least 75% of the season’s Playdays: (1) The highest point winner will be awarded a buckle. The second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth highest point winner will be awarded gifts selected by LSC Awards committee.

Section 6. AASPRC Playday Finals

  1. AASPRC Membership: LSC Members who participate in the LSC Playdays qualify to go to the AASPRC Playday Finals in Bowie, TX each June. To do so, you must also be an AASPRC member in good standing. The LSC Secretary will provide you with the AASPRC membership forms and information.

  2. Official Rules: The AASPRC Playday Finals are governed according to the AASPRC Rules [provide link] and provide an opportunity for LSC Members to compete for individual and LSC recognition.

  3. To Qualify: To qualify for the Playday Finals, as a LSC member, you must have ridden in the LSC Playdays (or other District level Playday Games) in the Games you wish to participant in at the Playday Finals.

  4. Registration: LSC will submit your name and Playday Finals registration and entry to the AASPRC. Submissions must be postmarked 21 days prior to the Playday Finals. It is the LSC Members responsibility to ensure that the LSC Secretary has your completed registration form and fee payment prior to this deadline. There will be no refunds.