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In case you were wondering what class you or someone you know should be in, here is the break down. Classes – Age Groups (Ages are as of January 1)

*This is also our running order for the age groups

Leadline8 years & under (Assisted)
Classic Women58 + years
Classic Men58 + years
Super Senior Women45 – 57 years
Super Senior Men45 - 57 years
Super Pee Wee Girls6 years & under
Super Pee Wee Boys6 years & under
Pee Wee Girls7 – 10 years
Pee Wee Boys7 – 10 years
Junior Girls11 – 14 years
Junior Boys11 – 14 years
Intermediate Women15 – 25 years
Intermediate Men15 – 25 years
Senior Women26 – 44 years
Senior Men26 – 44 years

Due to lack of participation in some of the above age groups, LSC has combined groups as follows:

Lead Line8 years & under (Assisted)
Women 26+ years
Men 15+ years
Pee-Wee7 -to- 10 years
Juniors11-to-14 years
Intermediates15 -to- 25 years

** Exhibitions are not based on age, but are ran immediately following the last rider in a Intermediate Class
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