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Monday, 11 January 2016 13:21

LSC Board Meeting Minutes

December 21, 2015

FairyTale Tea Time in Lewisville

In Attendance: 

Terri Petty - President (TP) 

Kathy Minteer - Secretary (KM)

Board Members: 

Sue Howard (SH)

Russell Payton (RP)

Also Attending:  2016 Board:  President - Dwaine Rowe (DR), Vice President - Clint Vinson (CV), Secretary - Vicki Rowe (VR), Treasurer - Dona Mitchum (DM), Board Member - Abbey Day (AB), Nancy Boliver (NB) for Bobby Boliver.  And Bob Minteer (BM) - Webmaster.  Dana Day.

The meeting was called to order byTP at 7:11 pm. Minutes from November’s Member’s Meeting and December 7th Board Meeting were ready by KM, motion was made by AB to accept the minutes as read and NB seconded, motion carried.  

Meeting as follows:

  1. New Members were voted in:



  2.  Banquet hall is reserved and paid for from 3 - 6 PM on the 17th of January, decoration committee should be there at 3 and the banquet will start at 3:30.  Abbey Day is in charge of the committee and will be working on getting some centerpieces together.  The new board will be introduced at the banquet as well as the new royalty.  The 2015 Board will be getting an order of events together for the banquet.

  3.  The Royalty sashes will be ordered and Off - the - Cuff in Denton was a consideration for them.

1.  2016  LSC   Queen

2.  2016  LSC   Princess

3.  2016  LSC   Sweetheart

4.  2016  LSC   Mascot

  4.  Charlie Thompson of CWT has been given Dwaine Rowe’s contact information and will be calling him for 2016’s Rodeo.

  5. Gilley’s still needs some sort of Identification Number in order to pay us our percentage of the profits from the Rodeo.

  6.  Connie Ivins fills out the Franchise Tax Information for the club and is the person to contact if there is any questions on this matter.  The outgoing board feels that the club should file for a 501c9 status, and suggests that that be something to look into. 

  7.  The Concession Stand was addressed as to how that was ran this year and the membership has not had any interest presented as to the running of it - TP has suggested that Tim Veneable was interested in taking that responsibility on. 

  8.  Tim Venable will be supplying the meat for the banquet. We will have the members supply sides.

  9.  It was suggested by BM for Bob Webb that we get a Battery Maintainer for the tractor and that one of the tires is bald and needs replacing.  There is a need for a maintenance schedule on the tractor as certain things need to be checked in a peculiar fashion regularly.

 10.  TP presented a turnover to the new board with a list of things to be done:

A.  New refrigerator for the concession stand

B.  Main breaker in the Electric Panel for the whole arena needs to be replaced - this is possibly an original.

C.  There needs to be a schedule made for proper maintenance of the tractor.

D.  The arena has to be watered down before events.  However, if the club were to get some hose purchased/made then it is possible that it could be watered by fewer people and the Water trailer would be able to be sold.

E.  There are no titles for the trailer or the tractor.

F.  USS (Rodeo Potty people) said that there was $2500 from 2012 that was not paid, TP made an agreement with them that LSC would pay $1372 for that - they agreed and then we would pay for the 2015 rodeo.  There is still a mistake in their accounting office and some amount of disagreement.

G.  Keys were turned over to DR as follows:

Concessions - 4

Back Gate  -  2

Trailer lock  -  1

Booth  -  1

 11.  CV asked about sponsorship information and was told that KL has her spreadsheet and any other contact information for the current sponsors on a thumb drive and will be turning that over.  It was also suggested that the new board get started on sponsorships by March in order to allow for ample time and possibly larger companies the opportunity to participate.  KM will be turning over her rodeo information at the next meeting. 

KM made a motion to adjourn, AD seconded it, motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:17 PM

The new board then had more questions and began making plans for their next meetings.