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Tuesday, 29 September 2015 06:03

LSC Board Meeting Minutes July 13, 2015 Angelina’s in Lewisville

In Attendance: Terri Petty - President (TP)
Bob Webb - Vice President (BW)

Kathy Minteer - Secretary (KM) Board Members: Karen Loftin (KL)

Also Attending: Dwaine Rowe Bev Webb

Jerry Longoria (JL) Sue Howard (SH)

Jesse Howard (JH)

Connie Ivins
Linda Ivins
Beverly Jackson
Manny Merritt
Darren Watkins - City of Lewisville Fred Whitfield - Huffines

Brian Wallis - Texas Mini Buckers or Argyle, Texas

The meeting was called to order by TP at 7:15 pm. Meeting as follows:

1. Darren Watkins of the City of Lewisville was present and began a discussion on Western Days what the city has planned and LSC’s role in it:

a. The city will have free entry/reentry into the venue before 7 PM, but will charge after that as there are going to be some big name bands appearing. ($10)

b. They will be opening the venue at 5 PM on Friday night.

c. For 2015 the city does not want a great many changes and that being said wants to use the arena for the Stick Horse Rodeo, Muttin Bustin, and a Junior Barrel Race. The pony rides and Longhorn herd will be kept in the venue - possibly move them next year. They would also like to allow the public to park at the arena.

d. Maybe LSC could run a shuttle from North Point Church’s parking lot to the arena so as to allow people to park there and get to the venue as well as to shuttle people from the venue to the arena and back for our events. Will need to bring this to the membership for participation.

e. Would like 3 heats for the stick horse rodeo, maybe one Friday at 5 PM?

f. The city can promote our events for Western Days. Start in August - mid to late.

All of the things we do at the arena need to be finished at a time which would allow for the folks who are observing or participating to return to the venue under the “free” period of time.

2. Mr. Watkins also had some input toward our Labor Day Rodeo as follows:

a. He will look into using the Kealy Operations area(approximately 1/2 mile from the arena) for extended parking for the rodeo. Low use road

b. Possibility of the city having a tractor that the club could use for the rodeo.

c. Does the city have our street banners? Will they hang ours if we get some? Yes they would.

d. Suggested that we use a 3rd party vendor for alcohol sales - they carry all of the risk and share the profits with us.

e. Has asked us to sell Coke products since the city is looking at a contract with them. We agreed to do that. (It was always that way in the past)

Any shuttles that we use must be street legal - tractors, trucks, and trailers. All are a good idea. More discussion needs to be had on that.

3. Fred Whitfield from Huffines Chrysler Dodge was there to discuss this years rodeo:

a. They will be adding $20 gift card and Dodge toy car/truck to the Calf Scrambles and Muttin Bustins this year.

b. Adding of a $25 gift card to the Steer Scramble as well.

c. Providing the truck for barrel placement

d. Huffines will be offering Employee Pricing the entire month of September to people that come in and mention the ad at the rodeo.

e. Want to have a Gold Sponsor package and will be providing graphics and the commercial. f. Fred told us that Huffines is having an Awards/Appreciation Banquet for the local police.

There will be all kinds of fun things happening.

4. Dwaine Rowe gave a report on the Sponsorship Committee as follows:

a. Requests passwords for the users for access into restricted areas on the website.

b. As of the date of the meeting there was $5900.00 in sponsorships promised and/or paid.

c. August 15th is the deadline for artwork for the program and signs.

d. There is going to be a release posted at the entrances that will explain that the images that are captured during the filming of the rodeo are property of the LSC.

e. Need the receipt form back on the website.

f. Karen Loftin is the point person for tracking who/which business has been spoken to and who will be going to talk to companies that inquire on the website.

g. We would like to have the website be the focal point for sponsorship sales.

h. Dwaine attended the Chamber of Commerce meeting for LSC and reported that we have some very good avenues for advertising and support in this.

i. Dwaine is getting an estimate from a printer on the programs. Bob Minteer will do the layout for the programs when the artwork has been received.

j. Jessie will be getting poster printing quotes.

k. Next Sponsorship Committee meeting will be Monday at Angelina’s in Corinth at 7 PM.

5. Guest speaker Brian Wallis from Argyle, with Texas Mini Buckers asked to speak with us about using the arena for one of his schools. He needs nothing from us as he brings the students, helpers, animals, equipment, and has a concession truck that he uses for his things. Would like to use the arena on the 26th of July.

a. He can do shows at other times with students and has a mechanical bucking horse that is kid size with the air mat around it that he can set up.

b. We discussed him putting on a show either at Western Days or at the Ranch Rodeo with maybe the bucking horse at the rodeo.

6. TP - has looked into Event Insurance and says it will cost around $150 the board will vote on getting that in August.

7. JH reported on the selling of beer at the rodeo - event license is $240 for 3 days or less with a 14% increase in extra insurance which works out to about $1000 for every $7000 sold!

a. KSCS would bring a trailer out but we think that may conflict with 99.5 The Wolf who we are already doing business with at the rodeo.

8. JH believes that he has concessions and concierge as well as any drink stands covered for the rodeo using students that need to do some community items for graduation.

9. UPRA needs our prices fixed on their website.

10. The events for July 25 will be - Pylons, Flags, Poles, and Barrels. 11. Need a list of jobs for the workday on August 1 at the arena.

12. Want to give leatherbound plaques to any sponsorship over the $500 level.

13. Need pennant from Dodge. Check for new ones from other sources and maybe price bunting as well.

14. North Texas State Fair Parade is August 16th.

15. KM made a motion to accept Jessica Snyder as a member and KL seconded, motion carried. BW made a motion to adjourn, SH seconded it, motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM.

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