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Wednesday, 08 July 2015 18:53

LSC Board Meeting Minutes

May 11, 2015

International House of Pancakes, Lewisville

In Attendance:

  • Terri Petty - President (TP)
  • Bob Webb - Vice President (BW)
  • Vicki Rowe - Treasurer (VR)
  • Kathy Minteer - Secretary (KM)

Board Members:

  • Karen Loftin (KL)
  • Jerry Longoria (JL)
  • Sue Howard (SH)
  • Russel Payton (RP)
  • Jesse Howard (JH)
  • Julie Swaney (JS)

Also Attending:

  • Dwaine Rowe (DR) Sponsorship Committee Co-chair
  • Bev Webb
  • Heidi Van Meter

The meeting was called to order by TP at 7:05 pm. Minutes were emailed to each board member, JH made a motion to accept the minutes and RP seconded, motion carried. VR presented the Financial Statement and KM motioned to accept it and SH seconded, motion carried.

Meeting as follows:

1. John Goin of North Texas Trinity Cowboy Church(NTTCC) gave a presentation on Ranch Rodeos and what is done and required. He made us an offer of him providing the stock 35 - 40 head at $50/ head, with a 70% payout for 4 man teams with a maximum of 12 teams and an entry fee of $500/ team. Contact Dirk Webb for the sheep for a mutton bustin. We should line up some sponsors for money and we would get most of our money from the tickets, concessions, and parking. TP will be contacting more people for advice, information, and possible partnership.

2. JH reports that LISD is willing to to do the AV for our rodeo - there will be more details to follow as at least 2 more meetings and a site visit are needed. So far 4 camera production with 3 fixed and one live action. There will be an air conditioned space needed for the video to be served to the screen and to allow for slow motion replays for the crowd and ads to run at decent intervals throughout the evening. There is a need for a 20 amp outlet for his equipment and possibly one for the trailer as well. BW asked the questioned if the promotor needs to get releases for video taping? JH will ask. There will be an army of students to run and do this shoot, they will film all 3 nights, Fridays slack for the experience and in order to perfect the positioning of the cameras and crew. The possibility of Live Streaming the rodeo on the web site was mentioned.

3. DR suggests that whatever we do for the video and advertising that we make a decision before June 1st as we need that time to get everything completed. Also made a suggestion that for the ads we get a waiver signed by the sponsors of Non-professional quality for the video ad. It keeps everyones expectations on the same plane.

4. KL is going to be part of the Sponsorship Committee and Bob Minteer will be present in order to answer any web/tech/electrical questions that may come up. The sponsorship committee will establish how many sponsor slots there are available to sell. DR presented the group with a chart outlining the different levels of sponsorship that they are looking to make available and the amounts that each of those things will cost. There was a discussion of how to make the programs more sellable and some things were suggested like numbering them and having drawing throughout the evening for items, possibly coupons for concession items?

5. Suggestions that we look out 50 miles in radius for advertising the rodeo as well as start our web ads in June, July, and August for best coverage. There will be a sponsorship committee meeting at the arena on Monday the 18th at 7:30 PM.

6. We need to change the order of events for the next playday 5/23 to be Hitch and Go, Bowtie, Poles, and Barrels as the first two have not been run at all and playday finals are approaching. SH made a motion that we alter the order
RP Seconded, motion carried.

7. Due to the unusually wet weather there has not been anything done on the arena - as far as the dirt work and improvement goes. We are waiting patiently and Mr. Marquardt does not believe that we will need any additional dirt or sand and quite possibly will have extra for any future needs!

8. It is a consensus that the poles around the arena are not in danger of falling over.

9. Bob Minteer has been to the arena and there are now plugs on the wire ends for the receiver to ease the hook up, and 5 working speakers (facing announcers’ booth, facing arena from above water station, facing parking area behind water spigot, in the alley facing parking, and at the outer edge of front parking facing to Mill Street. Sound should be good. We can reuse the old small speakers that are on the poles but will need to run wire to them.

10. Should put a bucket out for donations to help with getting the Arena Werks drag fix paid for.

11. Summer Watson would like to have some/all of the crowns that she lent to the club returned. April Barry will be informed that she will need to get with her on that.

12. At this time there have been 3 playdays canceled and 12 were scheduled. We shall have 10 so we will need to use at least one of our rain dates in November probably both.

13. We are getting information from Connie Ivins on the Franchise Tax for the club - How? What? When? Where?

14. There are no new members to vote on as there have been no applications received. Motion to adjourn by VR, seconded by KL, meeting was adjourned at 8:29 pm.

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