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Monday, 11 May 2015 13:31

LSC Board Meeting Minutes

April 13, 2015

Big Jacks BBQ, Lewisville

In Attendance:

  • Terri Petty - President (TP)
  • Bob Webb - Vice President (BW)
  • Kathy Minteer - Secretary (KM)

Board Members:

  • Karen Loftin (KL)
  • Jerry Longoria (JL)
  • Sue Howard (SH)
  • Russel Payton (RP)
  • Jesse Howard (JH)
  • Julie Swaney (JS)

Also Attending:

  • Dwaine Rowe
  • Bev Webb
  • Heidi Van Meter
  • Bob Minteer

The meeting was called to order by TP at 6:55 pm. Minutes were read by KM, KL made a motion to accept the minutes and JS seconded, motion carried. TP presented the Financial Statement and KM motioned to accept it and JH seconded, motion carried.

Meeting as follows:

1. Welcome to the 2 new board members: Russel Payton 1 year term and Jesse Howard 2 year term.

2. Exhibitions at the playdays will be purchased and dated tickets will be given at sign up and those tickets will be collected at the gate for every run. There will be a maximum of 50 exhibitions for each playday. No limit on a per event basis. Tickets will be available for purchase, until the limit has been reached, from Kathy Minteer if they are desired after the books have closed.

3. New members need to be encouraged to help work at the playdays and should be paired with a knowledgable person for their first couple of times.

4. Need sponsor options created on a laminated page that we can hand out to contestants and members for sponsor and ticket sale. Also would like to create a form for filling out for getting sponsor information to publish. Some discussion has been entered into as to using a video screen for sponsor ads and replays of the events during the night. We could use our members to tape spots for sponsors with the saddle club royalty as well as giving them a link on the website to their business. We need to know how many box seats there are available and determine the number of sponsorships that we can sell without double booking. We discussed that we should create some “You Tube” videos for sponsors and advertising the rodeo with slide shows and reciprocal links and that we will be doing some campaigns on FaceBook and Twitter in the months prior to the rodeo to generate interest. (Costing approximately $20 per campaign)

5. We discussed that there could be a place for flyers to be available for events that are happening at the arena for members to print and put up in their local areas.

6. There was a discussion on the need for a sponsorship committee to be formed and KM made a motion that Dwaine Rowe and Bob Webb to be named as Co-chairs of said committee with Jesse Howard as assistant. The motion was seconded by KL, motion carried.

7. The drill team for the rodeo will have a 6 minute program prepared and will cast $600 per performance. No need for a band this year. We would like to have a police presence in the parking area this year as there have a number of incidences in the past that makes this necessary.

8. Jesse Howard will be lining up some silent auction items for the rodeo and as fundraisers for the Arena Werks drag to be fixed.

9. Dwaine Rowe is working with Mr. Marquardt on getting the ground at the arena fixed - if and when the weather cooperates.

10. Need to talk to MMG about service to the Port-o-John and the dumpster needing to be emptied.

11. Bob Webb would like to receive some help from among the membership to use the water trailer in order to put water on the arena, when that becomes necessary. The club needs to purchase a stabilizer for the tractor hitch in order to pull the water trailer. KL made a motion that we purchase this item, JL seconded it, motion carried.

12. Bob Minteer made a presentation to the board that included the following information: There are 2 group email addresses available to us they are

1. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - All board members
2. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - Executive board members

We could use mail lists in order to make communications among the board and even the membership easier and trackable where you would subscribe or unsubscribe as desired. We should have a discussion on whether or not we want this for board, members, both, or neither.
All of the forms that are currently in use with the club are being stored on Google Docs and the permissions to them will be passed to the next elected official. In case of an audit being necessary on these items they log when and by whom the changes/edits were done.

13. The sound system and its deficiencies was addressed. There are a number of speakers that appear to not be working as well as microphones that are sketchy. These need to be addressed immediately, microphones cost approximately $100.

14. Dwaine Rowe presented information to the board on trophy saddles, which included a flyer with examples of what kinds of saddles are available and the price ranges. There was a question as to whether or not the seat sizes could be ordered in 1/2” increments or whole inches only. There will be 6 saddles presented at year end with the following distribution:

2 for Juniors
2 for Intermediates 1 for the Mens
1 for the Women

It was also suggested that we give a coupon for the value of the saddle allowing the person(s) to order what they want and they would pay for any upgrades.

15. New members were presented for admittance as follows: Charles Butler JS made a motion to accept

KM seconded, member accepted Case Family JL made a motion to accept

JH seconded, member accepted
Motion to adjourn by BW, seconded by JS, meeting was adjourned at 8:24 pm.

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