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Thursday, 09 April 2015 17:24

Lewisville Saddle Club

Board Meeting

Date: March 9, 2015

Location: IHOP in Lewisville, Tx

In Attendance:

  • Terri Petty - President (TP)
  • Bob Webb - Vice President (BW)
  • Vicki Rowe - Treasurer (VR)
  • Kathy Minteer - Secretary (KM)
  • Board Members:
    • Sue Howard (SH)
    • Karen Loftin (KL)
    • Jerry Longoria (JL)
Also attending:

  • Dwaine Rowe
  • Bev Webb
  • Heidi Van Meter
  • Nancy Bolivar
  • Dana Day 

The meeting was called to order by the President at 7:12 PM.

Meeting as follows:

The meeting was called to order by TP at 7:12 pm. Minutes were read by KM, BW made a motion to accept the minutes and VR seconded, motion carried. VR presented the Financial Statement and KM motioned to accept them and KL seconded, motion carried.

1. Bob Webb and Dwaine Rowe have met at the arena with Mr. Marquardt to discuss getting the arena ground reworked for Rodeo recognition in advertising - Possibly 2 arena signs and box seats - more discussion shall be given to this as the time approaches.

2. Need to appoint a chairperson to the Rodeo Sponsor Team and get some calls started. There is a list of current sponsors. The following is a beginning model of sponsorship levels and their benefits:

  • a. Banners = $150 (if they are provided by the company)
  • b. Signs = $125 for Renewals $200 for New
  • c. Ads in the Program = $125 full page, $75 half page, $40 business card
  • d. Sponsorship Levels = Buckle sponsors - $200, Event sponsors - $500, possibly offer “priority parking” as well as food coupons.

3. A discussion on prices for the admission tickets to the rodeo was engaged with the result being that ticket prices shall be:

Advance sales:

$8 Adult

$5 Child

Door sales:

$10 Adult

$6 Child.

4. Dwaine suggested that the club look into renting a large screen for running “30 second spots” on to get more sponsors for the rodeo.

5. There will be someone looking into hotel rooms, hay, and feed to be donated for CWT Rodeo company as that would be taken off of the bid.

6. Rodeo entertainment was discussed and Dwaine was asked to look into a Mexican riding exhibition for one of the nights of the rodeo.

7. Parking was again discussed and suggested that the workers for the rodeo utilize the parking at City Hall for certain and that we still need to communicate with the neighboring businesses about possibly using their lots for overflow parking.

8. Discussion was had for the combining of classes as follows:

a. Classic Women, Super Senior Women, and Senior Women into one class - Women 26+

A motion was made by SH and seconded by KM, the motion was carried for the combining of women’s classes as above.

b. Classic Men, Super Senior Men, Senior Men, and Intermediate Men be combined into one class - Men 15+

A motion was mad by KL and seconded by SH, the motion was carried for the combining of the men’s classes as above.

9. There was a discussion for the year end awards and it was decided that the club will be offering saddles and high end tack for the under 15’s and nice useful awards for the older groups.

10. We need to bring to the membership 2 positions on the board have come available and there needs to be nominations and voting to fill these.

11. Discussion on raising the entry fees as follows:

$4 per event member

$5 non member

$5 exhibitions;

to be taken to the membership for a vote.

12. Next board meeting shall be held at the arena on April 13, 2015 and commence at 6:30.

JL made a motion to adjourn, KM seconded it, motion carried. (8:32 pm) 

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