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Monday, 30 March 2015 22:19

LSC Member’s Meeting Minutes March 28, 2015
LSC Arena Break between events 2 and 3

In Attendance: Terri Petty - President (TP)
Bob Webb - Vice President (BW)

Also Attending:

Vicki Rowe - Treasurer (VR)
Kathy Minteer - Secretary (KM)

Board Members: Karen Loftin (KL), Jerry Longoria (JL), Sue Howard (SH), Julie Swaney (JS)

The event attendees

The meeting was called to order by TP. There were no previous meeting minutes to be read as this was the first quarterly meeting of the year.

Meeting as follows:

1. The Board proposed a rate change for the events as follows: the event entry prices be increased to $4 with Exhibitions being $5 and Non-members $5. The floor was opened for discussion with some questions being asked and clarifications being offered. Connie Ivins made a motion to accept the increases and Jerry Longoria Seconded. A vote was taken by a show of hands, the motion was carried with no Nays or abstains.

2. The present work requirements for year end point qualification were stated by the President to the membership:

a. Every rider must work at each attended play day in order for their points to count. Juniors and above work for themselves and Pee Wee’s and below must have a parent or guardian work for them.

b. Every rider must also work, or have worked for them, one night of the Rodeo and attend one workday.

3. Sponsorship levels for the rodeo was mentioned and there will be more information forthcoming on those. There will be varied levels of sponsorships with benefits for each. There will be a saddle contest for the most money raised toward the rodeo and there will be an email and internet announcement with forms and contact information to enter that contest given out soon.

4. At this time there was an announcement that there are 2 Board positions that need to be filled a 1 year remaining term (Denyse Swaney resigned at the beginning of the year - Hannah Minteer filled at the voting meeting and has since resigned due to personal matters) and a new 2 year term to which Bob Minteer was elected and has since resigned due to not having enough passion for the club. The floor was then opened and the membership asked for persons who would be willing to run for these two positions. There were 3 volunteers: Bobby Bolivar, Russell Payton, and Jesse Howard, there was a silent vote taken with a request for each person to vote for the 2 people that they wanted to be their representatives. Votes were tallied and the results were announced with that being Russell Payton will serve for the 1 year term and Jesse Howard will serve for a 2 year term.

5. Jesse Howard has made arrangements with a t-shirt printer to get some printing done. Before we can order those we needed the members to vote on the logo. Should we keep it the same or up end the horseshoe with the club name across a now “ends up” horseshoe with a horsehead in it. R. Soderberg motioned that we change the logo to up ended and B. Soderberg seconded it, the motion was carried with no Nays or abstains. The logo is now that one.

Karen Loftin made a motion to adjourn, April Barry seconded it, motion carried. The Membership was excused and the Play Day continued. 

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