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Thursday, 19 February 2015 22:14

Lewisville Saddle Club

Board Meeting

Date: February 9, 2015

Location: Alfredo's Restaurant in Lewisville, Tx

In Attendance:

  • Terri Petty - President (TP)
  • Bob Webb - Vice President (BW)
  • Vicki Rowe - Treasurer (VR)
  • Kathy Minteer - Secretary (KM)
  • Board Members:
    • Sue Howard (SH)
    • Karen Loftin (KL)
    • Julie Swaney (JS)
    • Jerry Longoria (JL)
    • Hannah Minteer (HM)
The meeting was called to order by the President at 7:03 PM.

Motion was made by KL to accept the minutes as sent out and SH seconded, motion carried. VR presented the Financial Statement and SH motioned to accept them and JS seconded, motion carried.  
Meeting as follows:

  1. Charlie Thompson of CWT Productions presented us his bid for the Labor Day Rodeo and was present to answer our questions, give us guidance, and address any concerns that we may have as to what CWT was bringing to the table for our rodeo.  Dwaine Rowe was instrumental in asking for the correct information as to what LSC would need to provide and what/who would be utilized to create the best show possible.  The following things were said in the ensuing proposal/discussion:

Motel rooms - 4 rooms for 3 nights if we get them donated it could come off of the bid

Feed donated - comes off the bill

Drop the steer wrestling as it is becoming an obsolete event and hard to populate

Outstanding horses for the rough stock = Quality show (12 - 15 bulls, 20 horses)

Jr. Barrels and Mutton Busting is ours pay in and out

Added money is key at least $300 for the rough stock $4 - 5 would be better, $200 for the roping and speed.

Charlie will meet with the committee before each night with agenda for the evenings rodeo and to address questions and concerns.

Chase Nolan and Jackrabbit Harris - clowns

Jesse Zappata - Sound and Announce

Dwaine was asked to contact the references that CWT provided and give his recommendations to the board.

2.  Rodeo discussions as follows:

a.  Sponsorships will start being contacted in March.  Checking on Signs being done on Corrugated plastic vs steel cost?

b.  One drill team per night - 2 teams possibly Red River Shooting Stars and Denton Fairgrounders.

c.  Rental of nice tractor for the rodeo

d.  Shuttle service for overflow parking. Talk to the surrounding businesses and ask for parking space for contestants, officials, and workers.

e.  Entertainment - Band “Train to Nowhere”.  Would be willing to set up on a flatbed trailer and be hauled to the center of the arena before, middle, after the rodeo to entertain.

    They bring their own sound system - would need a generator.

f.  Printing of tickets and programs as well as keeping track of which person/group has which numbers and being responsible for those tickets.

g.  Jesse Howard will be looking into acceptance of Debit/Credit Cards at the Concession Stand and Ticket Booths.

h.  There needs to be a special gate for Ticket admissions at the rodeo as well as a line for Cash and one for Cards. 3 gate lines with attendants at each.

i.  It was suggested that the workers at the rodeo not drink, as it does not give a favorable impression to the community.

j.  Price for the tickets should be increased to $10 for adults and $5 for 12 and under.

3.  Security of the facilities was addressed and discussed with the result being that the tractor shed would be locked with a key - certain number of keys given only. Training on the use of the tractor before driving.

4.  Bob Webb and Gene Montgomery are going to go over the facilities and map where things are and discuss what needs to happen before we contact any contractors for bids, Bob suggested that dirt work on/in the arena would/should be a priority as we seem to have developed some deep holes in key locations of the arena.

5.  Taco Bueno Fundraiser was discussed and endorsed by the board.  Jesse is looking into a web site that allows for the design of t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and hats that members could order from and we would have these things available for the membership.  Looking into a new logo that fits the bylaw parameters. 

6.  Membership requirements were clarified with the understanding that one workday needs to be worked per membership, while every rider needs to be worked for at a playday - juniors and above work for themselves and parents/guardians work for the younger ages, if they wish to qualify for year end awards.  Classics do not have to work!

7.   Playday work positions were discussed. Year end awards should be decided on/announced in the beginning of a season and not changed. Required number of participants should be announced and not amended. Ghost riders are acceptable as long as they are paid for each playday and an event signup filled out by the payer for the Ghost Rider entry. Ghost Rider entry motion made by SH and seconded by HM, motion carried.

8.  It was suggested that the High School Rodeo Team be observed randomly.

9.  The rodeo team memberships need to be amended with a By-law written for them.

10.  By-law suggestions have been asked for so as to bring LSC into alignment with current laws and policies.

11.  There was a suggestion that we get some estimates for dirt work done on the arena.

12.  KL has donated a pair of earrings to be given to the fastest time in the Junior girls class on the barrels at the charity playday - 10/10/2015 (Pink Out).

VR made a motion to adjourn, HM seconded it, motion carried.

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