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Thursday, 05 February 2015 14:13

Lewisville Saddle Club

Board Meeting

Date: January 12, 2015

Location: Minteer Household in Krum, Tx

In Attendance:

  • Terri Petty - President
  • Bob Webb - Vice President
  • Kathy Minteer - Secretary
  • Board Members:
    • Gene Montgomery
    • Sue Howard
    • Bob Minteer
    • Karen Loftin
    • Julie Swaney
    • Jerry Longoria
    • Michael Wheeler
The meeting was called to order by the President at 7:00 PM.

There was some discussion on whether or not we can do a 2 day rodeo. The consensus is that we can and that Will Cook has been asked to provide a bid for that, as well as other providers.

The President presented to the board that there needed to be an addendum to the minutes of the last meeting which would state that 10 playdays would be run, with 12 planned and 2 dates reserved for rain dates (this is still in the works and planning stages). What was decided for sure is that 70% of the playdays must be attended (7 - 8 depending on the number of points playdays under consideration) to qualify for year end awards.

Meeting as follows:

  1. Kathy Minteer was tasked with reading and proposing any changes that need to be made to the by-laws to reflect the current definitions, goals, and rules of the Lewisville Saddle Club, which will be presented to the board for discussion, adjustment, and approval at the February meeting and in turn to be voted on by the membership at the first quarterly meeting on February 21, 2015.
  2. The Days were not present but have been in contact with a few of the rodeo producers and when they have some bids, there will be a meeting for the producers to meet with the board. There was some discussion with Michael Wheeler about what has been done in the past with regards to the rodeo producers to give us an idea of the financial range of past bids.
  3. The proposal to the city has been presented through email and Connie Ivins has requested a meeting for us with the City. We are still waiting for a reply.
  4. Membership requirements will be as follows:
    1. Dues to be paid - $40 for individual ($5/month for 8 months), $60 for family ($5/month for 12 months). Dues paid in full by year end to qualify and up-to-date for points at the playdays.
    2. Each membership will have the following responsibilities for every rider, persons in the the Junior age group and above will work for themselves, riders below those must have an adult work for them:
      1. One workday - presently there are 4 scheduled and more will be added throughout the year.
      2. One night at the rodeo - there will be positions available for everyone - concessions, parking, security, tickets, support, arena staff, etc.
      3. One event at every playday attended. Sign up at the registration table before the playday.
    3. . Through an addendum to the minutes of the January board meeting the attendance requirement for qualification of year end high point awards will be 70% attendance of the playdays that are run - with 12 scheduled(8 attended would be required) and a minimum of 10 put on (7 would be needed).
  5. Playday events will be according to AASP&RC dictates and will include Poles and Barrels at the end, due to the fact that those that just want to do barrels will come and participate in all of the events since they are run at the end. Due to an email discussion prior to the publishing of the minutes the event schedule will follow AASP&RC events until after Finals, at which time we will be changing to substitute the events not in the rotation. (See website for details)
  6. Exhibitions will be limited to 10/event: tickets marked by event will be sold and required - Cost = $3.50 each.
  7. Price per event is - $3.50 for members and $4.50 for non-members.
  8. Discussion on Registration books open and close times is still open for discussion - will continue to be addressed by the board.
  9. There was a report by Michael Wheeler about the electrical needs of the arena information as follows:
    1. Light in the tractor shed does not work
    2. Tractor shed needs an electrical outlet
    3. Electrical supply box needs to be rewired(correctly) and 30 amp plugs added
    4. Electric/light poles need to be looked at and possibly replaced - need 10 poles with underground wires
    5. Announcer Stand: lights come on with the arena lights the plugs are separate. Plugs under the counter do not work.
    6. The possibility of a generator supplied for the rodeo was discussed - would need a place to plug in.
  10. Red River Shooting Stars drill team had contacted us and would like to put our rodeo on their schedule, there will need to be further discussion.
  11. Two New Member Applications were presented to the Board for approval: JS made a motion, SH seconded
    1. Soderberg
    2. Watson
  12. The meeting was adjourned. MW motion, JS second.
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