Lewisville Saddle Club
We are not just horsing around.
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We are located at:
101 Parkway Drive
Lewisville, Texas 75057


About Us

The Lewisville Saddle Club started in 1962 and has a proud tradition of being a family oriented organization promoting horsemanship and sportsmanship.  It is a member of the American Association of Sheriff's Posses and Riding Clubs, competing with other Saddle Clubs throughout Texas. The Saddle Club hosts 13 open Playdays a season, with classes for all age groups.  Though highly competitive, it is always friendly and riders of every level are welcome.

Besides Playdays, the Lewisville Saddle Club sponsors the Lewisville Labor Day Rodeo.  This professional rodeo runs the Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings of Labor Day weekend and is held at the Saddle Club arena in Lewisville.† Professional cowboys, clowns and equine drill teams make it a fun and memorable event.

Going to the Labor Day rodeo is an annual tradition for many people in the area as well as a novel event for out of town and foreign visitors. This year is our 50th Labor Day Rodeo, make sure to come check us out!



Our History

(As told by Bobbie Montgomery, March 2003)

The Lewisville Saddle Club was organized in 1962 in Lewisville, Texas by Tommy Jane Nowlin, Dr. Leonard Smith, and several others who wanted to form a club where horse people could gather and enjoy their sport together.  They met wherever they could for a while, then the Davis family, who owned a camp they called the Davis Fun Farm, volunteered their arena for the use of the club.  Mrs. Nowlin, and Dr. Smith drafted a set of by-laws, and began inviting members to join.

We began by being governed by a President, First V.P, Second V.P., Treasurer, Secretary, and six directors, with a reporter, Queen, and Mascot, as well. Directors were elected on alternate years, to serve two year terms, so as to have experienced officers at all times.  We have since changed to only one Vice President, and now call our Queen a Sweetheart.

We enjoyed several years of fun with playdays, trail rides, campouts, etc. at that facility, as well as forming the Lewisville Saddle Club Mounted Square Dance team.  They traveled all around the state and up in to Oklahoma, wearing the club colors in their blue chaps, white shirts, and blue ties, and straw hats, performing at Rodeos.  They started with only one square, but soon grew to two.  Tommy Jane was captain, and O.L. Childs was the caller, and there were riders of all ages on the team.  We had a lot of fun and fellowship traveling together.

Soon some of the members, led by Jack Cruson, Kenneth Warnack, Ken Norvell, and Billy Cruson, with cooperation from the city of Lewisville and Mayor Bill Weaver, and with the blessing and help of President Gene Montgomery and his board of directors, decided they wanted to build an arena where they could put on a Rodeo of their own.  They agreed on doing a Labor Day Rodeo.  So, in 1965, about ten men had enough faith in the project to sign a note to borrow the money ($l,000) to build on ground leased from the City of Lewisville, and located at the present site on North Mill St. in Lewisville.

The men themselves built the arena, and a concession stand, with much of the material being donated by these men and others in the club.  We women helped out by bringing them dinner, and drinks, and bringing their kids down so they could see their Dad's, since they worked almost EVERY night until rodeo time!!  What a great time that was!!  The Rodeo would then be the main funds to operate the club from that time until the present.  That first year, there was no fence around the grounds, and we collected the gate fee out on the street, losing some money that way, but we paid off that loan!  The next year, with another $l,000 loan and money made from that first rodeo, we built the fence, a better concession stand, and a ticket booth, making it much easier to sell and collect the tickets.  We were on our way, and nothing would stop us now!

We have made many other improvements, including replacing the wooden bleachers with metal framed ones, increasing the number, and then adding metal seats, as well, during the years since we brought Rodeo back to Lewisville in 1965!  Our membership ran around 50 to 60 families at that time.  We also formed another Mounted Drill Team for a few years, who did drills at Rodeos around the state.  Later there would be a Pony Express Team and a Relay Team formed to represent Lewisville at local competitions as well.  We had lots of club and open playdays in that arena as well, giving out high point trophies twice a year to our lucky winners.  We have since changed to only once a year for high point, and now have a saddle series for members only as well.

In 1965, it was suggested we join the American Association of Sheriff Posses and Riding Clubs, and District 14 was founded.  Our first district playday season was 1966, and many of our members attended their first playday finals in Dallas Fair Park Coliseum in 1966.  Gene and I have attended all but one of those Playday Finals since then.  The first year the district was comprised of Lewisville, Carrollton Circle C, Grapevine, and Hutchins.  The fourth club changed several times, but the first three stayed together until Circle C disbanded in 1976, then Grapevine dissolved, and now District 14 is made up of Lewisville, Golden Triangle of Irving, and Richland Hills.

We began as members of Region 4, until that Region was disbanded, then were accepted in to Region 5, where we are presently members. We (Montgomery family) are the last family still in District 14 from it's origination.  Some of our club members have held position in the AASP&RC during our 39 years as members.  Our first Region Princess was Dianne (Montgomery) Blair in 1974, then Becky (Jeter) Rhodes in 1978, and Summer (Wilson) Renshaw in 1994-95.  Summer then served as Queen in 1996.  Bill Jeter served as Executive Vice-Pres. In 1977-78, and as President in 1979, and as Region 5 Vice-President.  Gene Montgomery served as Exec. V.P. in 1982-83, President in 1984, 2000, and 2001, and is now Immediate Past President for 2002-03, as well as Region 5 V.P. in 1988. Diana Johnson is now serving as our Region 5 V.P. for 2003-04! We have also had many National Committee Chairmen from Lewisville.



Current Events

Even though Lewisville is a smaller club now, we are still very active, and our members enjoy many advantages of membership.  At our annual Christmas Awards Banquet, they are presented with many great prizes for year-end awards.  We have kept our monthly dues to a minimum with the Rodeo and small entry fees covering the cost of these awards, as well as a great meal!  Some of us not only have children who grew up here at LSC, but grandchildren as well.  This is a family oriented organization, with our kids starting in riding in the lead line class as young as a year old, as well as grandparents still riding in to their 60's and 70's!

LSC is embarking on their 52nd year in operation, and we hope for many more happy and successful years to come!