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Upcoming Events for October-November 2016

(Note: If needed the final play day (Nov. 19) will count for double points in all events)

  • Saturday, October 22, 2016 at 2:00pm
    LSC Points Playday #6


  • Hitch-n-go
  • Bowtie
  • Poles
  • Barrels

  • Saturday, November 12, 2016 at 9:00 am
    LSC Points Playday #8


  • Spur
  • Baseball
  • Poles
  • Barrels

  • Saturday, November 19, 2016 at 9:00 am
    LSC Points Playday #7
    (rain date)


  • Larriat
  • Flags
  • Poles
  • Barrels


LSC Western Day Classic Barrel and Poles Race

Some of the comments include:

I want to thank the club for an awesome barrel race Saturday.  Everyone was pleasant and very helpful.   The ground was watered and groomed.  The park was beautiful.  Water was available.  Two tractors... stakes marked... two gate men...  a holding area...   you could hear the PA system.  The barrel race started on time.

The staff did everything possible to accommodate late arrivers.  The payout was AWESOME.

A Note From Our Saddle Club Board:

The Lewisville Saddle Club is a small group of horse enthusiasts who are striving to make a positive impact in Lewisville and its surrounding communities. LSC ran its first barrel race this past weekend. Much went right and many contestants and attendees had a wonderful race. There were a few challenges to overcome; the condition of the arena ground for one. Over 3 days, countless man hours were spent working the dirt in the arena to ensure it was in the best possible shape for the race. There were also challenges due to changes made to the race itself, and we apologize for not being more transparent about those changes.

More than 50 riders were accepted in the Open Class in order to increase the payout. We thought this was a good thing for everyone involved. As of Friday Sept 23, we had less than 5 riders in the Senior Class and less than 20 in the Youth Class. Unsure of the number of riders that would sign up the day of the race; we decided that this was not enough riders to support a 5D Senior or Junior race. In the best interest of the riders, the decision was made to make a straight payout in the Senior Class and 3D in the Youth Class.

Regarding the split for the Open Class, the intention was to provide a wider range of opportunity for riders experienced in other barrel races. Therefore, "1/2, 1/2, Whole, Whole" splits were used with the payouts being: 1st place 40%, 2nd Place 35%, and 3rd Place 25%. In the Youth Class a "1/2, 1/2" split was used with the payouts being: 1st place 60% and 2nd place 40%. In the Senior Class the "straight payout" was 1st place 40%, 2nd Place 30%, 3rd Place 20% and 4th Place 10%.

We sincerely apologize to all those who are upset with the club. We are deeply saddened by the personal attacks on our club President and other club members. Decisions in the club are made collectively, and nothing was done or decided with malicious intent, but rather with the best interests of the riders and the race in mind. We will do our very best to deconstruct the event in order to learn all that we can from what went right and what went wrong. We sincerely appreciate everyone who participated in our barrel race.


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